Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RPG Stories

This is just an experiment. Play it like a chess yet write it like a novel. Create a character based from video games, comics, anime or movie and write his/her story.


New rules are in italics.

An author, which means you, has the right to kill your own character but characters shouldn't just drop dead for no reason. Give some reason like suicide or something. No killing off or otherwise permanently changing a major character owned by another author. But you can attempt to, like shoot him or stab her. It would be his/her disgression to let his/her character die. Some use of this is when an author don't like the character that he/she created and want to get rid of it. Or you want to have the best dramatic death scene for your character. Yes, you can kill minor characters like minions, beasts, soldiers or villagers.

No making character gods, invincible and never wrong when all other characters are not similarly endowed . No resurrecting dead characters unless you are a necromancer.

No writing another's characters, unless agreed by the author. At the moment, anyone can write for minor characters.

Post in third person viewpoint, like he says, Gordon did, Ella saw, etc.

Post in English only. No other languages unless your character speaks in another language in his/her dialogue.

No cursing or foul languages. We're PG 13, you know. Well, you can just put on special characters to know that your character is cursing or something.

When you post a character storyline, you'll have to wait for another to post his/her own character storyline before posting again.

Introduce your character when you first join the game.

If you want to join in, email me at ja_mez_x@yahoo.com. If you have not posted within 3 days after your last post, I will kill your character. To prevent this, email me that you will be absent for a no. of days. Remember that this game is like an airsoft. It's honesty and honor based. And I shall be the marshal.
Click on comments below to start. Remember since I own this blog, I can accept or decline your posts to suit the story. Game on!